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Welcome to Jondod Pty Ltd!
Here at Jondod we endeavour to design and implement a wood waste management system in conjuction with Precision Husky equipment and you, the customer, that will best suit your businesses needs. 

Jondod and PRECISION HUSKY CORPORATION have had an enduring relationship for over 35 years.

Starting out in Woodchipping, Precision has constantly met the markets demands with enthusiasm.  Around 8 years ago they took on Toro’s tubgrinding division.  They re-named (Progrind), re-engineered and added a number of new models to the already impressive range.  The Progrind is a natural fit to their line of in woods debarking and chipping equipment and with the Progrind’s patented double cut hammermill that virtually eliminates jamming it enhances Precision’s reputation for performance engineering.

Jondod, in conjunction with Precision Husky, can furnish more than 70 products for the timber, chipping, logging and wood waste recycling industries around Australia.  We have supplied over 200 chipping operations over the last 36 years.  We
have an incredible history with Precision Husky, who in turn have exceptional products and highly experienced personnel.  With a motto of “Whatever It Takes” Precision are world leaders in Wastewood Management.